What is Big Bento Lunch?

Big Bento Lunch is an annual fundraiser held during the month of March, commemorating the March 11, 2011, anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The fundraiser encourages people to hold a Japanese-style lunch at their home, workplace, school or restaurant and raise money to support the Taylor Anderson Memorial Fund. In past years, participants have hosted picnics, ordered bento boxes to share with colleagues at work, and school teachers have used the fundraiser as an opportunity to teach their students about the disaster in Japan – as well as how to prepare sushi.

In 2012 Big Bento Lunch raised more than $15,000 for UNICEF’s work supporting children in affected parts of Japan.

In 2013, we raised more than $7000 for the Save Minamisoma Project. The project delivered fresh food and clean drinking water to the people of Minamisoma in coastal Japan.

In 2014, we raised a further $3400 for the Save Minamisoma Project.

In 2015, we supported Playground of Hope and raised $2000.

Since 2016, we have supported the Taylor Anderson Memorial Fund and have raised a combination of just above $3,500.

This year we are again supporting the Taylor Anderson Memorial Fund, which aims to help students, schools and families in Ishinomaki and the general Tohoku area recover from the earthquake and tsunami. Find out more about the Taylor Anderson Memorial Fund.