Ueda Shogen Art volunteer opportunity

Our friends at AJSV (Australia-Japan Society of Victoria) have contacted us and has asked for volunteers for the exhibition of Ueda Shogen.

“The Consul General Office is partnering with Lesley Kehoe Galleries to bring Ueda Shogen (Japanese Artist) who studied/painted in Tanzania exhibition to Melbourne. It will be on show from the 8-19 October in the foyer of 101 Collins St (LK Galley). The exhibition will be open Monday through Friday during business hours (till about 6pm).

They have asked if there would be any volunteers interested to assist throughout the exhibition, to assist (keep him company!) Shogen and we thought that perhaps some of the JET Alumni, who are not working Full Time may be able to volunteer their time.

If there is anyone who is free for just a couple hours at a time, this would be greatly appreciated by the AJSV/CG office and Shogen himself.

Volunteers are welcomed when Shogen is not there, to assist with any queries and hand out his booklet (there may be a rep from LK gallery there at those times).” – AJSV representative.

Email: info@victassa.jetaa.org.au