Big Bento Lunch Raises $1k for Taylor Anderson Memorial Fund

We counted up all of this year’s donations, including a very sizeable one from our Trivia Night on Friday, and the total raised for Big Bento Lunch 2017 is $1,082.90!

On behalf of JETAA Vic/Tas/SA, we would like to thank you deeply for all your support and dedication over the years for Big Bento Lunch. We would also like to thank Mr. Andy Anderson, Taylor Anderson’s father, for all his help and we look forward to sending over the donations shortly.

We will be mailing a special gift to this year’s Big Bento Lunch participants from the Taylor Anderson Memorial Fund. Every year they receive origami from a woman in Tokyo who asks them to share with those who support Taylor’s fund. We hope it will bring participants encouragement and remind them of the hard work they have put in to contributing to the fund. Many thanks to Mr. Anderson for sending those to us.

Again, our sincerest thanks for all you have done and we look forward to hosting BBL again next year, and hopefully working with you all again. A hearty お疲れ様でした to you all.

– Rebecca Centeno, President