Welcome to the JETAA Vic/Tas/SA website. We provide a network for JET Programme alumni, promote the programme, host events and foster Australian-Japanese relations.

What is the JET Programme?

JET Program alumnus Raelene Wilson with students from Yaizu.
JET Program alumnus Raelene Wilson with students from Yaizu.
The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET Programme) is a Japanese government initiative that brings the world to Japan, as ALTs (Assistant Language Teacher), SEAs (Sports Education Advisor) or CIRs (Coordinators for International Relations).

Most participants are ALTs sent to kindergartens, elementary schools, junior and senior high schools, while CIRs work in local government or board of education offices in their assigned areas.

During a JET’s time in Japan, he/she has the opportunity to become part of their local community and experience the culture and country. For many former JETs, it’s one of the greatest experiences in their lives!

Thinking about applying for the JET Programme?

The official JET Programme website contains everything you need to know about the JET Programme application process.

The Consulate General of Japan in Melbourne is your next port of call. Get in touch with the JET Programme coordinator to find out more about how and when to apply.

If you aren’t sure yet whether the JET Programme is right for you, or you’ve successfully applied to become a JET and want to know what life is like in Japan, check out Surviving in Japan, a fantastic blog by former JET Ashley Thompson.